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Detroit Ain't Violent It's Safe (DAVIS) has partnered with "The Prairie Street Block Club" to launch our pilot project. The alley between Prairie St. and Monica St will be redesigned to support bike trails and art exhibits creating a safer environment for social activities. We later plan to convert garages into pop-up shop opportunities similar to "Dally in The Alley" to increase civic engagement and create new business owners within the community.


Our Mission


Our goal is to clear this alley from all debris, trash, overgrowth, and other hazardous items so that we can begin the surveying process.


Our Need


We are looking to have about 100 volunteers for this project that are able and willing to do the following:


  • Pick up trash and place it in a bag

  • Uses of loppers (a tool used to cut small to medium size trees) to cut down overgrowth and bunches

  • Raking of leave and debris

  • Organizing items neatly at the pickup location

  • Hauling trash to the pickup location from the alley

  • Preparing the food and drinks for the other volunteers

  • Going door to door informing neighbors and inviting them out to participate. 

  • Filming of the project


What could a volunteer expect in an alley in Detroit?


Well, if you've never been in a Detroit alley get ready for an experience. Volunteers should come with long pants and socks to protect themselves from sharp items, rocks, and branches/bunches. It is also wise to wear boots and a long shelve shirt. 


Are there any risk?


Of course, volunteers must always be aware and respectful of neighbors property at all times. Volunteers must be cautious and aware of any loose animals that may be hiding in the alley. Volunteers should also be aware of any beehives and spiders that may be in the alley. As long as you are aware and you are wearing the proper clothing you will have the time of your life.


What's the BEST part of this project?


Starting in my OWN back yard. Being raised on Prairies Street since 1998 and currently still a resident, it was my duty to create something that could last for future generations. 


If this project is right up your alley... Chip in and bring us your energy!!!